Exceptional Student Education


Seminole Trails Elementary School has a very large Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department. This Department supports 30% of its total K-5 enrollment through (ESE) programs. Currently, we have 1 ESE Contact/Coordinator, 21.5 ESE Teachers, 9 Speech Language Pathologists, 1 part-time Occupational Therapist, 2 part-time Physical Therapists, 1 part-time Teacher who supports students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing and over 30 Behavioral/Physical Needs Assistants who work in the ESE Department. Seminole Trails Elementary School provides an array of services for students with disabilities. These services include Pre-K half-day and full-day language-based programs, language development, functional academics, and support for students with autism spectrum disorder, varying exceptionalities and/or developmental disabilities. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade receive a continuum of support services based on their individual education program (IEP) plans. Additionally, Seminole Trails is a cluster site for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Currently the school has 8 self-contained classrooms that support these students. Next year, the school’s program is expected to grow to 12 self-contained classrooms.